Time for this mum of 5 to take back the controls

Succeed with Tab
I have been a stay at home mum to 5 amazing children for the last 18 years and i was lucky that my husband was self employed and earnt enough that i could. We brought our first family home and life was amazing.

8 years later and our life seemed to change dramatically, we had invested our money with a property developer and he went bankrupt.
We had builders that went bust and refused to pay for jobs that my husband had completed. Add materials on top and we were drowning in debt.
We had no way of recouping our losses and we got further and further behind. The bank stepped in and evicted us from our home making us homeless with no where to go.
We lost thousand on the sale of our home and realized that we had been ripped off by a system that is dishonest and wrong in every way.
My whole faith in mankind was broken beyond repair and i made the decision to make sure that i was never in a situation like this ever again.
Financial Freedom was my goal and anger was my drive.

With many life skills and no qualifications i had no way of supporting my family and every advertised job I came across wanted at least some type of qualification or experience that I did not have on paper.
I spent hours looking into an online business and finally made the decision to invest into one that i though would be successful.

I am the classic example of a newbie opting in to everything and anything that sounded awesome and would guarantee success only to pay and be unable to access or find it 90% of the time.

Thousand of dollars later and nothing to show for it i was beginning to think it was time to admit defeat and give up on my dreams of being an online success.

I would spend hours, weeks and months just trying my hardest to understand this alien world of network marketing, i was truly lost, confused and disheartened and had no idea what road to take next.

I have no computer skills and every step was a battle that i never seemed to conquer.

To admit defeat was not an option and i decided to step away and clear my head as i had been going around in circles for nearly 12 months with no progress.
For starters i realized that i had not even done the most important step and that was having my own domain and hosting. All the months of posting my links amounted to nothing because i had not built my own list.
Targeted leads, Marketing and a blue print was what i needed.

I now have the knowledge and understanding of how to be a success and am here to help you make the right choices and decisions, dont let the gurus rip you off any longer the formula is simple and if you duplicate what i say you can make this work.

My greatest skill is helping others to see how great they are and to offer encouragement and support.

Put in the hard work at the beginning and reap the rewards. Words are powerful and we live in a word world so speak of success and believe in yourself and make it happen.